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Maintaining your Gingher Scissors

Gingher's meticulous attention to detail ensures the quality and performance of Gingher scissors is unsurpassed. Gingher is proud to put their name on them, and proud that you’ve chosen to own a pair. With proper care, Gingher scissors and shears will provide many years of trouble-free use and flawless cutting.

Tips and Hints:

1) Selecting the right scissors for the right task is critical for optimum results and avoiding damage to your scissors. Only the safety point pocket scissors, featherweight household shears or one of the paper craft scissors are designed for cutting paper. All other scissors are designed for cutting fabric and/or thread.

2) To avoid damage to the blade setting, never force a cut if you sense resistance. You may be using the wrong tool for the task, or your scissors or shears may need sharpening or repair.

3) Store your scissors carefully using a fitted sheath or case. Dropping unprotected scissors can damage the cutting edges.

4) Be sure to fasten pins outside the cutting area to avoid encountering hard metal or plastic objects that might damage the scissors.

5) Periodically wipe the inside blade surfaces to keep them free of lint; add a small drop of household oil at the assembly point to maintain smooth cutting action.

6) Consider applying a light coating of oil on the scissors' blades and edges to prevent rust, especially if you live in a coastal area, use the scissors in a humid environment, or want to store them for a long time.

7) Wash Gingher Kitchen Shears by hand- never in the dishwasher. Dry immediately.

Sharpening Knife Edge Gingher Scissors

Keeping the knife edge sharp is vital to maintaining peak performance and long life. Only scissors and shears with a knife edge can be sharpened using a sharpening stone. Do not use the sharpening stone on embroidery scissors or pinking shears. Refer to the individual product description to confirm whether your scissors has a knife edge. The blade bearing the Gingher trademark is the normal edge and should never be sharpened.


1) Grip the scissors or shears firmly, avoiding contact with the knife edge.

2) Hold the sharpening stone against the outside bevel surface of the knife edge at the steepest angle which will permit contact with the extreme edge.

3) Use firm, upward movements to hone the edge, working from the tip of the blade to the shank with overlapping strokes. Work in one direction only – do not pull the stone back and forth across the cutting edge.

4) Proper sharpening will create a continuous burr along the inside cutting edge which can be removed by simply closing the blade slowly.

5) After removing the burr, carefully wipe the blades clean before further use.

Repairing Gingher Scissors

Regular sharpening will maintain the cutting performance of your knife edge scissors; however, sharpening cannot repair damage from dropping the scissors or cutting over something hard like metal or plastic. Damage to the cutting edge requires proper regrinding of the edge, re-controlling of the blades and resetting of the points. We highly recommend our own repair service to maintain the peak performance you expect from Gingher products. Other repair services may cause further damage. The repair service normally takes between 3-4 weeks and ensures “like-new” function, not appearance or cosmetic changes.

The repair service charge is $15.00 per pair for any model of Gingher scissors, shears, thread nippers or pinking shears. This fee covers repairs, sharpening, adjustments, parts, and return packaging and shipping. Simply pack up your item(s) with a note requesting service, and enclose a check or money order for the correct amount. International customers must send a bank check in U.S. dollars or a check drawn on a U.S. funds account. International customers please call for shipping charges.

Please be sure to pack the scissors so the points do not come through during shipping. We recommend insuring the package for your own protection. Please direct any questions to the contact information listed in this web site. Repair service is limited to Gingher products only.

Send to:

Repair Department
322 S. Edwardia Drive
Suite D
Greensboro, NC 27409
(336) 292-6237

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